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CODE 369 are a Macedonian band from Bitola formed in 2020. The band consists of Irene Dimovska (lead vokals), Daniel Mitrevski (guitar and backing vocals), Ile Lulevski (drums and backing vocals) and Kosta Stevanoski (bass guitar and keyboards).


CODE 369 are an extension of the continuous musical work of the members of Pumpers (Irene Dimovska, Daniel Mitrevski and Ile Lulevski)

New musical moments of funk, jazz and classical instrumentations have been introduced in the music of CODE 369, which they weave into the recognizable rock along with the influences of contemporary rock and pop music. Their musical thought is always on the border between alternative rock and commercial rock and pop music, preserving the brilliance, freedom and avant-garde ideas of the first category and the acceptability of the second. Through their texts one can identify the universal human and literary values, love as a driving force and the power of the individual as a driver bestowing the best version of oneself.

The album Stages of Love is the first album they have written and recorded as CODE 369

The first single titled "Dance with Me Tonight" is both ambient and movable, expressing the turbulence of emotions. The verses strive to glorify love in the long run.

The second one, titled "Butterflies", is a saga and inspiration for any artist who wants to be free to create and share their creative power for the good of all. At a time of serious threats to society and humanity in general, art seems to have lost its meaning and if it is not superfluous then it is ignored. If there is one thing that really connects all people, it is art.

In June 2021, they signed an exclusive publishing contract with the largest publishing house in the region – Croatia Records.

The first single that was recorded in the Croatian language is titled Prava lubav. He talks about the timelessness and infinity of sincere feelings and selflessness.

In August 2022, their album Stages of Love was released by Croatia Records

The Band


Irene Dimovska

lead vokals

Daniel Mitrevski

guitar and backing vocals


drums and backing vocals

Kosta Stevanoski

bass guitar and keyboards

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